A Third Generation Family Business

With over 100 years of combined clockmaking experience.

At Prodigy Clockworks we specialize in the repair of modern grandfather clocks (Made from the 1960s to the present) and make service calls to Tyler, Longview, Kilgore, Nacogdoches, Jacksonville… (well, pretty much anywhere in East Texas) and all the way to Shreveport. I’ll come to your home, take the movement out, oil, adjust, spot clean and check for wear. I’ll answer any questions you may have, and I’ll make it happen! If the clock is capable of running, I will get it going! And, I’ll be as close as your telephone if you have any future questions or problems.

If you’re looking for a way to save money on clock repair, we also do phone consulting in this area (as well as the rest of the English-speaking world). Depending on your clock, and your abilities, we may be able to help you to get your clock working over the phone. There’s no charge to find out if this option is for you. Keep reading to get more information on this plan.

First Generation Clocksmith

First Generation Image

Practicing: 1960 to 1990
James E. Wells
Grandfather and Patriarch

Second Generation Clocksmith

Second Generation Image

Practicing: 1968 to 2014
Lynne Wells Walding
Daughter of James, and author of Complete Clock Repair Manual

Third Generation Clocksmith

Third Generation Image

Practicing: 1985 to the Present
Billy Barnett
Grandson of James, son of Lynne, and proprietor of PRODIGY CLOCKWORKS

Now That's Family Tradition!

I wasn't allowed in my grandfather's shop until he was sure I was mature enough to not touch anything. When I reached that level, I had the privilege of watching him work his magic: turning a worn-out, dirty assemblage of brass parts into a shining, working masterpiece of ingenuity. I learned that a polished, well-functioning mechanical clock movement is truly a beautiful thing. And I was hooked.


Times change…over the years the bulk of my clientele has drifted from antique clock owners to recent vintage grandfather clock owners. And I have become so familiar with each brand that given the movement model number I can visualize that movement in my mind’s eye.

Then in 2021 I experienced two consecutive strokes. I’m blessed to have suffered a minimum of physical damage. But it was an eye-opener. I had been meeting myself coming and going, trying to service everyone with a clock problem. (I can’t help myself.)

So, while recouping I began to help people over the phone, exchanging pictures of the clock “patient” via text. And a new concept was born. I was able to help the majority of callers, because more often than not the problem proved to be superficial. That is, something the clock owner could do him/herself with my assistance over the phone. I even earned the nickname “The Clock Guru”.

Can’t picture yourself doing this? Consider this: I’ve had essential tremors since I was a child. But I was determined to conquer my shaking - and I built a successful clock repair business. Even after two strokes, I’m still the “king” of grandfather clock repair.

So, if you’re having a problem with your Ridgeway, Colonial, Pearl, Howard Miller, Ethan Allen, or any other modern clock…keeping with the times, this family business is introducing a new concept. Please read on:


It doesn’t matter where you live— Northern Alaska to the Florida peninsula ––sea to shining sea, or right here in East Texas. If your clock was made from the 1960’s to the present: Professional help is just a phone call away! Billy Barnett... the Prodigy Clockworks Man!

It’s a new concept, brought on by two unfortunate strokes in 2021 that slowed me down—but didn’t dampen my enthusiasm! ( I refuse to “plow under” a lifetime of experience in a field I love.) What’s the solution? To teach YOU basic repairs on your own clock. On the phone!
(I still make house calls in East Texas if you prefer.)

WAIT! Don’t say it can’t be done! I’ve done it for clock owners, desperate for help, in neighboring states.

Often enough to earn the nickname...

“The Clock Guru”

I was raised in a Texas clock shop and fixed my first clock at the age of seven. And I’ve been repairing clocks on a professional level for thirty-eight years. If you have two working hands, a bit of DIY spirit, and love to SAVE MONEY, I can teach you the basics that are often the problem, get your clock running and put you in charge of future simple repairs. Of course I can’t guarantee success, because I won’t be doing the work. This is where the DIY spirit comes in. If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Your knowledge of your clock will expand exponentially.

CLOCK REPAIR IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE! Perhaps you’ve been led to believe it is, because there are closely guarded secrets in the trade. (I know, because I’ve kept some myself) But the ranks of professional clock repairmen are shrinking fast. The younger generation is convinced “technology is the wave of the future”. Oh, if they only knew the rewards of learning this ancient craft. Am I creating competition for myself? Perhaps. But I’m not getting any younger, and I‘d like to share what I’ve learned and hopefully stem the tide of apathy before the knowledge fades with the years. And precious family heirloom clocks go the way of 8-tracks or VCR tapes. (God forbid!)

BUT NEITHER IS CLOCK REPAIR CHILD’S PLAY! Caution must be observed. A novice should never attempt to disassemble a clock.

When it comes to clock repair 101, every clock owner should be educated. Well you don’t have to climb the highest mountain in search of enlightenment. This guru is as close as your phone. And there’s no charge to talk to The Clock Guru until your problem has been discussed. With today’s technology, we can exchange pictures and info clear around the globe – and arrive at a price for a consultation – in minutes.. (You have the option to say “No thanks!” and the call costs you nothing.) But, if you like what you hear and have confidence in yourself, together we can do this! (We accept all major credit cards.)

Our starting price of only $49.95, plus the opportunity to talk with the Guru before charges begin, make this a win-win situation. as compared to a service call, which in some areas run as high as $150.00 or more (and it only covers the cost of getting the technician to your front door.) Don’t forget, that amount is non-refundable if you decided against repairs.

When my established customers call me for a service call, if it’s something I think they can handle, I gladly help them over the phone at no charge, in order to save them the cost of a service call. I’d like to do the same for you. However, there’s a little matter of car payments and a mortgage (and a wife that probably wouldn’t approve) that prevents me from giving away my services. But I want to use my knowledge to benefit all clock owners. Wouldn’t you rather start at $49.95 to learn more about your clock and how to keep it running, than invite a stranger into your home to start at $150.00 and keep his knowledge a deep, dark secret? (So he can charge you again if he has to come back). What an achievement to know that you can do it yourself. (Come Thanksgiving, you may be able to surprise Mom by fixing her treasured clock... and be the family hero!) Food for thought

Your hands, my knowledge!

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We sell clock repair supplies, shipped directly to you. And we sell new movements for most late vintage clocks at a competitive price.

Call 985-714-1010 and ask for The Clock Guru.

We speak English (with a slight Texas drawl!)